Monday, 21 October 2013

How To Pay For Nuclear Power Stations And Own Them

Hinkley C Nuclear Power Station cost      = £16 billion

International Aid (using borrowed money) = £12 billion annually

Thus, a power station supplying 7% of UK electricity demand costs 16 months' international aid.

I propose a 16 month aid moratorium to pay for a nuclear power station. The net profits from the power generated by the power station can be "ring-fenced" for international aid if a referendum agrees to it. After a decade over a half of electricity demand will be provided by British owned nuclear power stations. And we'll have a flourishing British nuclear power industry (Rolls-Royce already make naval submarine reactors) and the all important energy security that means we won't have to be nice to nasty foreign governments to get their gas.

Net effect on public spending and borrowing nil.

Why didn't you and the bright sparks in the Treasury think of it George?