Sunday, 17 March 2013

I think the man from Coventry should concentrate upon his own blog, rather than trying to piggyback on my audience here.

So spake Peter Hitchens (PBUH) on 16 March 2013 at 12:11 pm on his clog.(Please click through because he is very keen on traffic stats). Oddly, I'd never mentioned having a blog in my coomentsand would never commit the faux pas of linking in a comment. As awful as wearing a red bow tie with, one presumes,  a scarlet cummerbund.

I wonder why Mr Hitchens, as I always addressed him, refused to use the name I posted as, ie Brian, Coventry? A quick interweb search (as quick as it takes to prove that addiction is actually LMF), produces authorities who state that removing someone's name has a twofold result: it dehumanises the person by denying their rightful identity, and it permits the aggressor to objectivise his victim and remove any guilt or remorse about subsequent ill-treatment. It is a tactic used down the ages, eg the Man in the Iron Mask, the Gulag, concentration camps, Pol Pot's Cambodia.

Mr Hitchens is a member of the Church of England. Earlier this year he complained that the new Archbishop of Canterbury should tackle littering and anti-social drinking in Canterbury (actually a job for the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral if within its precincts, and the Police/Canterbury City Council partnership if elsewhere) instead of gay marriage/women bishops/international aid. Actually, I think that Justin Welby, another "man from Coventry" might be more interested in one of the Bishop of Oxford's flock who clearly needs help. I, as a modern day Samaritan, can't cross over to the other side of the road to ignore his suffering.

Update 25 March: The irrational fear of a name is nomatophobia.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Instead of Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol

Why not delegate the matter to supermarkets via their loyalty card systems? Every quarter I get Tesco vouchers, so it would be a simple matter to include a money off voucher for a set quantity of booze. Otherwise, alcohol wouldn't be discounted as a loss leader to attract shoppers.