Saturday, 12 January 2013

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The Christmas and New year break was extended due to a close relative suffering a temporary ischaemic attack or mini stroke caused by a blood clot. Kudos to the excellent FAST advert which enabled me to recognise the symptoms immediately and call an ambulance, to the ambulance call handler who told me to support the patient's head upright, to the fast response paramedic who came fast, did all the tests and gave reassurance as the symptoms subsided. To the ambulance crew that took the patient to hospital and to the excellent NHS that swung into clockwork action to treat and arrange a speedy battery of tests.

Good to hear that Andrew Marr is feeling better after his stroke. Take note of your body's recovery timetable and try to accept your successes and improvements as real achievements; however, you will feel frustrated if you use an earlier benchmark.

Next, I was saddened  to solve Aruacaria's Guardian crossword puzzle yesterday, but thank you Rev John Graham for the equal portions of torment and delight your clues have given me over the years.

I am also delighted that the Sky At Night is (IMHO) as good as it was when Sir Patrick Moore was hosting it. It is testament to his generosity of spirit and love of his subject that he encouraged and brought on a cluster of very bright and interesting presenters to carry on the legacy. Thank you, Sir Patrick Moore.

And I thought of many other things over the period that may me laugh or that I drew fresh connections between, but I didn't write them down and can't remember them now. Proof that the only life and death things are life and death.

Returning to the hospital, I took the opportunity to have a wee while waiting for the conclusion of a vascular ultrasound on the patient and was so shocked by the state of the loo that I had to clean it before using it standing up as chaps do. Is it too much to expect people to take some responsibility and use the loo brush when necessary? Probably yes.

Finally, being offered a patronising £200 bung when all I had expected since last April was advertising on a website is beneath contempt. Sometimes one has to put £434.40 down to experience in order to learn that  people may not be as nice as one expects them to be - the old mistake of assuming that other people share one's ethics.

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