Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bomber Command Finally Honoured About Time

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 At last our government has done the decent thing and awarded a Bomber Command Clasp to veterans of Bomber Command who undertook the longest campaign of WW2.

And it's about time that those who served on Arctic Convoys between 1941-45 will finally get a Star for their efforts.

 Butch will simply gaze down from his cloud, surrounded by his Bomber Boys and Girls, and just quietly remark, "About time, too," because he knew how bloody slowly the Air Ministry could work if it put its mind to it.

Two cheers, because it appears that the clasp will only be awarded to air crew and not the men and women who worked at all hours, in all weathers often for years on end in very basic accommodation on stations miles from anywhere, often risking their life and health to put the bomber boys in the air.  If the clasp is to be worn on the 1939-45 Star (just like the Battle of Britain clasp) and it is awarded to everyone who served in Bomber Command, rather than the Air Crew Europe or France and Germany Stars, then the recognition sought by Sir Arthur Harris for his ground crews as well has his air crews could belatedly have been given. They were all in it together and deserve more than the Defence Medal.

I hope Dave will amend this oversight. I have emailed 10 Downing Street to press this point.

It's not the time to criticise the well-meaning fools who attack Bomber Command's necessary area bombing policy by using the cowardly tactic of attaching all the blame on Marshal of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris because people treasure the individual courage of the air crews and an attack on the many is an attack on the whole, whereas blackening the reputation of chief fits in with Alan Clark's lazy and inaccurate "Lions led by Donkeys" meme. But they are wrong.



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