Monday, 24 December 2012

"I'm sorry ... not evasion at all ... I'll sort it."

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bomber Command Finally Honoured About Time

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 At last our government has done the decent thing and awarded a Bomber Command Clasp to veterans of Bomber Command who undertook the longest campaign of WW2.

And it's about time that those who served on Arctic Convoys between 1941-45 will finally get a Star for their efforts.

 Butch will simply gaze down from his cloud, surrounded by his Bomber Boys and Girls, and just quietly remark, "About time, too," because he knew how bloody slowly the Air Ministry could work if it put its mind to it.

Two cheers, because it appears that the clasp will only be awarded to air crew and not the men and women who worked at all hours, in all weathers often for years on end in very basic accommodation on stations miles from anywhere, often risking their life and health to put the bomber boys in the air.  If the clasp is to be worn on the 1939-45 Star (just like the Battle of Britain clasp) and it is awarded to everyone who served in Bomber Command, rather than the Air Crew Europe or France and Germany Stars, then the recognition sought by Sir Arthur Harris for his ground crews as well has his air crews could belatedly have been given. They were all in it together and deserve more than the Defence Medal.

I hope Dave will amend this oversight. I have emailed 10 Downing Street to press this point.

It's not the time to criticise the well-meaning fools who attack Bomber Command's necessary area bombing policy by using the cowardly tactic of attaching all the blame on Marshal of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris because people treasure the individual courage of the air crews and an attack on the many is an attack on the whole, whereas blackening the reputation of chief fits in with Alan Clark's lazy and inaccurate "Lions led by Donkeys" meme. But they are wrong.



Tuesday, 18 December 2012

PC Euphemisms

"Cultural differences" doesn't mean racist apparently, because English people aren't allowed them.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm Puzzled About Keith Vaz MP

Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester East (and All India, apparently) has become the spokesman for the family of the unfortunate Nurse Jacintha Saldanha. She was working at a hospital in Central London and living nearby. The constituency MP for Westbury-on-Trym where her family live is Charlotte Leslie, who happens to be a Conservative.

Does this mean that one can one choose the MP to assist one according to political affiliation or, heavens forbid, ethnicity? I understood that ones constituency MP, whatever his level of incompetence, was duty bound to at least pretend to work for all of his constituents. If the convention has changed, I might get someone to represent my interests at last and my vote won't be wasted.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bona Conjugalities

Scene: A bijou boutique in The Lanes, Brighton

Sandy:  Oooh, ello Mr Horne. My name's Sandy and this is my friend Julian. Come in and 'ave a vade at the first omi-palone and palone-omi wedding arrangers"Bona Conjugalities", will you? 

Julian:  He will, and all. We do all the hard arranging, sorting out the schlumph and the jarry,  picking the clobber and batts, getting the best riah zhooshers...

Sandy: We know the most fantabulosa crimper. And we're trying out all the bonaroo omi moon latties in bijou hotels for the nupts.

Kenneth Horne: Do you discuss  the church service with the vicar, get the marriage licence, publish the banns, pay the organist?

Sandy: No, we don't do that, Mr Horne.

Julian: How very dare you, nanti metza for trade, we have our pride.

Is Dave on a mission to wreck the Conservative Party a la Mulroney and Campbell in Canada in the early nineties? He claims he wants gay marriage in churches precisely because he is so firmly in favour of marriage. 

But Dave isn't really favour of marriage: if he was he would restore the old practice of joint assessment of income that was reformed away by fellow "Conservative" Ken Clarke. That would enable a married couple to minimise their tax bill and honour their marriage vows, ie "and with all my worldly goods I thee endow". When I wrote to Dave about this a minion replied with a PFO, adding that my letter had been forwarded to the Ministry of Justice despite my letter being a complaint about an agency of MinJus having an unfair policy on income when assessing charges for powers of attorney.

Dave's just chasing the Notting Hill dinner party vote. Loser.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Referism Badges - Buy Them Now

If you're interested in acquiring a badge like this please click on the link to the ebay listing. A circular metal safety fitting (as shown in the photo below) holds the badge on and protects you from the pin.  The badge is nickel plated and enamelled and measures approx 34 mm long.

Profits from the sale of the badges will be given to fund Referism. As I have gone out on a financial limb to pay for the tooling and production of these badges, I would appreciate the support of Referism followers, preferably by buying badges, but also by linking to the ebay listing on your own blogs.

The Press: Arbitration

I can't see why "statutory underpinning is needed for any press complaints scheme. Decisions of sharia and beth din religious courts and secular arbitration schemes are legally enforceable provided both parties agree to the arbitration process. What's wrong with that? The arbitration could be funded by a levy on newspaper sales.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Recently, I have mostly been eating Scotch Broth

I enjoy making soups because they are so easy and tasty. I found some diced lamb on offer and the weather being grotty (there's a Scottish word for it) I thought I'd make Scotch Broth or my take on it.

A bit of cooking oil
2 medium onions, finely chopped
1 leek, washed and cut into discs
4 oz carrots, peeled and cut into pound coin discs
4oz parsnip or swede, peeled and cut into pound coin discs
10 oz diced lamb, or about 1lb of neck of lamb or mutton
4 oz red lentils, rinsed and soaked in cold water overnight
4 oz pearl barley, rinsed
2 bay leaves, finely chopped
1/2 tsp thyme leaves
1/2 tsp crushed black peppercorns
4 pints lamb stock or water if using neck - add salt to taste

Put the oil in a large lidded pan on a gentle heat on the hob. I use a maslin pan bought in Chorlton-cum-Hardy twenty odd years ago.

Add the onion, leek and celery, stir and replace the lid. Allow to cook for a few minutes.

Repeat with the lamb, root vegetables and lentils and pearl barley.

Add the thyme and bay leaves and pepper and stock. Lid on and allow to simmer very gently for two hours until the pearl barley is tender. Season to taste.

This broth tastes even better reheated the next day and doing that gives you an opportunity to easily remove the lamb fat that will have set on the surface overnight if you have used neck of lamb.

You can add finely chopped parsley if you wish.