Sunday, 11 November 2012

Value For Money At The BBC

A corporate headhunter was paid a total of £189,000 inc VAT (how quaint of the BBC to pay tax) to identify as the best candidate for BBC Director General its former "Head of Vision". Incurious George lasted a mere 54 days in post, or £3,500 per day or 1,298 colour licence fees.

It's been the cheapest telly for the BBC for over fifty years. Certainly better VFM than £22 million for the The Voice "talent" programme.

Update: It has been revealed that George Entwistle will receive a year's salary (£450,000) for his voluntary resignation after 23 years at the BBC. Doesn't everyone?

What job is being lined up for him? Royal Opera House Chairman, National Trust Chair, Picker /Packer (must speak Polish)?

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