Friday, 16 November 2012

How Wonderful, What An Honour

So I disagreed with Peter Hitchens' description of Coventry (I'm a Coventry Kid) as a sad city on Mr Hitchens' Mail Online clog. Mr Hitchens replies to my comment and refers to me as "Brian" from Coventry. That's ironic when in today's Daily Mail the following article from Michael Seamark and Sam Greenhill appears. If one scrolls down, one finds the emboldened words

The ‘prestigious’ Trust-administered Orwell Prize for political writing was handed to a journalist [Johann Hari in 2008, actually] who turned out to have made up his ‘award-winning’ articles;

Isn't that the same prestigious Orwell Prize that Mr Hitchens deservedly won in 2010? I feel honoured to be accorded similar quotation marks around my name by him.

One question remains (and what is wrong with asking questions?):

If someone was a member of the International Socialists between 1969-75 when the International Socialists had a policy of unconditional support for the IRA, does that mean he supported that policy at a time when about 400 members of the British security forces were murdered by the IRA and its allies as part of the Northern Ireland "Troubles"?


Thud said...

I like Hitchins but I trust him not a jot for the reasons you mention.

Brian said...

Squire Thud,
I have to admit that I have bought a couple of his books and agreed with them. But he will never accept that he could be wrong, which isn't the nicest of personality traits, although I could be mistaken.