Monday, 12 November 2012

BBC Management Changes

In a robust rebuttal of concerns about the year's salary payoff to the resigning DG, the popular Chairman of the BBC Truss said, "It's my money and I can spend it how I want."

The problem with the BBC, apart from its self-love and complacency, is one shared by all bureaucracies, namely the number of  people doing jobs they can't explain to their Grannies.

The BBC should get back to its core strengths, ie following what the the Guardian prints and cutting and pasting Labour Party press notices.  It should learn  that "investigative journalism" means more than reading the "Notes to Editors".  As everyone who has seen any film about journalism knows, facts have to be checked and confirmed from several sources.

I'm impressed that Tim Davie, the acting DG, has already displayed the ability to grasp the reins of the old donkey. Funny that he can do this without having a journalistic background.

Perhaps this classic song and dance routine from Mary Poppins should be renamed "Step Aside".

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