Monday, 12 November 2012

BBC Funding - A Radical Alternative

Instead of the £145.50 colour television licence required to watch television in the UK and NI, I propose that the BBC will be funded by the National Lottery - still run on its behalf by Camelot.

The money presently raised by the National Lottery for good causes will be allocated from taxation on a matched-funding basis depending on how much the National Lottery raises annually. But here's another radical change: on each lottery ticket tick boxes will be printed next to categories of causes, thereby enabling the ticket buyer to choose how the National Lottery matched-funding is to be allocated instead of the Great and the Good Jellabys  picking their pet guinea pig projects.

The £145.50 formerly spent on the licence will be available for spending and will more directly and efficiently boost the economy and employment.

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SadButMadLad said...

TV license only £145? That's cheap. Sky customers pay on average £500/yr. That's on top of the £145. Just make the BBC subscription only. There's still ITV, CH4, 5 and loads of other channels for those who can't afford the subscription. It might even be possible for certain groups (pensioners, disabled etc) to have their subscription subsidised.