Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Few Thoughts On The US Presidential Election

No change, but better than how the PRC does it.

I read a lot of comment articles which said that the Hispanic vote will be crucial in the 2016 election and after. Perhaps, but not for Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico who aren't allowed to vote for anyone. Just like every other resident of America's colonies or "territories" as the Washington Empire-haters describe them. Puerto Rico is allowed a representative in Congress who can only vote as long as it doesn't affect the decision.

I wonder if the US will admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state following its recent non-binding referendum on the question. If so, PR will have three or four Electoral College votes. On the subject of the Electoral College, it's possible for a candidate to gain the Presidency with only about 25% of the votes cast by concentrating on winning in several over-represented states with 50% + 1 votes cast. That's Democracy Folks! 

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