Thursday, 18 October 2012

You've Got A Friend, Anna Raccoon

You've got many friends on the interweb, many, many more than those nasty trolly things, so stick in there until the sun shines again.

That being said, I hope you'll understand my reasons for remaining on the soap-using side of the English Channel.


Thud said...

Her hatred for the people of Liverpool leaves me rather cold.

Brian said...

Squire Thud,
I sincerely hope this post hasn't offended you. It was intended to be a metaphorical lifebelt thrown out to assist a stranger in distress.
I completely disagreed with what I felt to be her mistaken post on the Hillsborough Tragedy which ignored the truth that was revealed and I wish she hadn't posted it. It was so out of character of her. I was disappointed that she apparently lacked the insight to appreciate that even the scalliest scally is capable of good but anyway deserves fair treatment by virtue of simply being human. Denying medical treatment to many of the injured denied them their basic right of life, and covering up that compounded the insult. However, I sympathise with her present anguish. I hope that, on reflection, she will be able to use her feelings to empathise with the grief and frustration of the relatives and friends of the 96. As Maynard Keynes said "When the facts change, I change my mid. What do you do, Sir?"
I also did my little bit to encourage Richard North when he blogged about packing in recently. I even feel a teensy bit of sympathy for Arthur Harris-libelling Peter Hitchens because he shares a few % of DNA with me and breathes. I am trying to see the good in people despite their occasionally disagreeable views because because I fear turning into that dreadful Rebecca Adlington sneering Frankie Boyle Scotchman.
I want to learn to be a better person by trying to see past the annoying bits to appreciate the good in most people. I wish every blogger, especially me, could be as consistently fair and respectful of other people as you are in your posts.

Thud said...

Scousers for all our faults are a clannish lot and the sense of scousness has served the people of Liverpool well in troubled times even if it does seem rather self serving to outsiders.My feelings on the 96 campaign whilst not as strong as those of many in the city does make me rather sensitive to issues that touch on the long term suffering of the grieving families. I wrote that I was left rather cold by Anna and thats as far as it goes and I understand just what you see in her blog. Your blog always achieves its aims and Ialways enjoy visiting.