Sunday, 28 October 2012


Deference has a pernicious effect on society. Respect your betters, keep your head down, your nose clean, "Theirs not to reason why", allow the evil and the incompetent in positions of power over others to continue unpunished.

Deference must be replaced with assertiveness of the individual to create a healthy society  in which freedom can flourish. Sovereignty, ie power, springs from the individual and it is for the individual to grab it back from the adoptive hierarchies that stole it.

Destroying deference will not harm respect for others, it will increase it because equal individuals will only be distinguished by their achievements instead of their rung on the ladder.

With deference defeated, individuals will treat each other equally and fairly, simply because of their respect for the inherent dignity of every human being.

Why do care home staff mistreat vulnerable adults in their care? Could it have someting to do with care workers being paid the minimum wage with few employment rights - if they are treated unfairly, won't they attempt, wrongly, to offload their frustration at their status on anyone they perceive to be of a lower status?

And without deference there wouldn't be the willingness by organisations and their managers to protect high status talent from the effects of their wrongdoing by ignoring complainants or threatening them with career suicide.

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