Monday, 13 August 2012

Thank You Olympians

Thank you all, medallists, competitors, volunteers, servicemen and women, organisers, even the BBC (for avoiding another Golden Jubilee River Pageant fiasco) for a splendid Olympic Games.

I was sceptical before the games but I've been bowled over by the ceremonies and the sport and the sheer niceness and joy of the competitors. And, I must admit, by the superlative Twenty Twelve.

It's proof that Britain can do it, that British people are great and that Britain has not declined but other underachieving countries have caught up and progressed towards their own potential.

I like the idea at Heathrow of treating the departing athletes like VIPs. Memo to airports, treat everybody like VIPs, smile at your salarypayers, don't make them queue for ages.

And all the Churchillian stuff in the ceremonies ought to be balanced with a very modest yet capable chap during whose administration the 1948 Games took place. Clement Attlee. It's worth listening all the way through.

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Thud said...

I missed it all, Americans tend not to even bother showing non american events even if they are taking part.....a strange bunch.