Saturday, 11 August 2012

Spend More Public Money On Sport?

How dreadful that independent schools have bagged a disproportionate number of medals at the Olympics - more than 50% from 7% of the school population - chant the usual idiots ( mainly guilt-tripping  independent school educated mouths).

Something must be done to make things fairer (or unfairer) - spend more money in state schools, pay teachers more, buy more kit to be nicked and burnt. Looking after what's there already or joining non-school sports clubs isn't considered an option. There must be growth everywhere.

Or, if the children want to be Olympic champs they could modify their discretionary leisure spending. The UK video games industry turnover in 2011 was £3.266 billion. In other words, every four years the UK could pay for the Olympic Games if its video games players so chose.

And those grants paid to "elite" sportsmen and women. Why not introduce a Sports Loan system on similar lines to the Student Loans. Unfair? On which, games or education?

And compulsory competitive sport in school. Right, reintroduce competitive exams and testing to provide a worthwhile education. Select the brighter children with potential and spend more time and resources educating them. I don't expect a state funded performance coach to mentor my fifteen minute mile so why should athletes who can barely write their names in the longjump pit expect top class academic teachers?

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SadButMadLad said...

Path of the problem is that the Olympics are elitist. You need to be a big country to be able to host it. And to make it worthwhile to its population the country needs a good chance to get somewhere near the top of the medal table. Though the IOC says that countries should not be ranked, only atheletes. So the country needs to fund its sportpeople. So it needs to provide state sponsership.

One thing that would ease some of the problems would be to cut back on the official sponsers. They were introduced because of the mess of the Canadian Olympics. But that means that atheletes can't be sponsered by other smaller companies as they aren't allowed to carry any company name other than official ones. If athletes can be sponsered individually then there would be no need for state sponsership. And companies would get some return on their sponsership for supporting a national athelete. And the athlete would get support to do the thing they love.