Friday, 13 July 2012


The S4B Board

Is it just cynical old me or does everyone who doesn't trouser £200k as a CEO of our Mickey Mouse government agencies, local councils and companies who provide contracted-out services believe that the whole country is now being run by a company called S4B?

Problems recruiting security guards? Call S4B. Need to massage the jobless stats? S4B can help. Look, they must be better because the Civil Service can't do the same job description and make a profit.

Never heard of S4B? That's because it's still listed in the phone book under its old name of Sh&t For Brains; they're not on the interweb because they're not very good at computamabobs ( but they're cheap, so outsource your IT department to them).

Remember, it's only customers that get hurt if things go wrong and if you are unlucky enough not to operate a monopoly, you can always get new customers from other companies who use S4B.

News update: S4B has just been awarded a contract to run the NHS. Must rember to feed the patients.

(With thanks to the Monty Python team)

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