Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Corporate Blogs - Ignore Them

Richard North, writing at Independent Bloggers doesn't like them and neither do I.

They are the professional in what is meant to be an easy access arena for amateurs. It's like the days of the pamphleteers after the monopoly of scribes and parchment was broken by Guttenburg. They aren't satisfied with writing for newspapers or appearing on TV but must muscle into the shallow end of the information/comment pool as well. They use their big brand names and high profile like inflatable crocodiles to swamp out the other bloggers.

I don't like the way they hide behind corporate websites and email addresses and criticise ordinary bloggers who wish to post anonymously. It's called privacy, a word the newspaper industry is slowly relearning. So what if they have their name and picture published at the top of their columns. Do they not think that many suppose those names are pen-names, like William Hickey, whoever they are or photos of models who speak the words of anonymous hacks (funny how that word has lost its popularity as a synonym for journalists recently). Either way,  I'm not bothered as I simply read what is written.

But Cloggers can discover the names and addresses of bloggers if they wish, using perfectly legitimate means, safe in the knowledge that their own trail ends at a London office block.  Woo hoo, how big, how brave of them. Like flying over tribesmen in a bomber.  Perhaps blogging by skype is the best option. But any choice must be voluntary and not driven by the cloggers.

I'm not saying they should be banned, that's not the way things are done in the blogosphere.

Just ignore them, they'll soon go away.

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