Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Arthur The Cat

Well, that what we call the ickle fluffy bird-torturing  toxoplasmosis-carrying puddy-cat that wanders across our garden to his favourite crapping place, just like the other half-dozen wandering felines we are plagued with.

You see we are dog-sitting an eleven year-old Labrador retired guide dog who sometimes forgets her arthritis when a cat appears ten yards in front of where she's relaxing. The other day we heard a yowelling screech followed by a very happy dog wandering in doing the canine equivalent of a victory roll. No blood on her but later on that evening a mograt claw fell out of her thick fur onto the carpet.

We call the mograt "Arthur" because we reckon that only half a cat* jumped back into the neighbouring feline faeces-free garden, ie where the mograts get fed. Haven't seen a cat since. Dogs will be dogs, just like cats are cats.

I blame the inequitable Animals Act 1971 which formalised the free spirit legal prerogative of feline vermin to roam over others' properties without any responsibility attached to their owners for any damage they cause. I understand the Canadian's have a better system: there one can set humane feral cat traps in your garden, ring the local cat protection society to collect the full traps and the cat owners are then charged a $Can 100 release fee. It encourages responsible cat owners (an oxymoron unless they get the cats sterilised) and protects wildlife and reduces the tonnage of fly-tipped cat filth.

Anyway, as it is illegal to administer vitamin lead to feline vermin, click on this link to a very enjoyable game of skill. called Clay Kitten Shooting.

*actually, I found no trace of cat in our garden so the worst the mograt got was much, much less than what they give each other - we found clumps of ginger fur on our lawns the morning after two cats fought a few months ago.

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