Sunday, 24 June 2012

Aspirational Waffle And Hypocrisy

So says the popular Archbishop of Canterbury about Slippery Dave's Big Society idea about adults acting like grown up and looking after themselves, their families and neighbours instead of relying on Civil Servants hamstrung by politically correct nonsense from doing their jobs properly.

I must ask the chap who wear's a tea cosy and curtains for work and believes in the EU one simple question: "Isn't religion "aspirational waffle"?

And then Slippery Dave flags up a "post election" Tory policy to put clear blue water between him and the LibDems - no housing benefit for under 25s.

I would prefer proper policies like O Levels, proper schools, no HS2, proper police and prisons, EU  protection racket reduced to EEA membership, a non-windmill energy policy, a negative growth immigration policy, "British Benefits only for British", an end to permanent wars in parts of the world that don't directly affect us and, most importantly, an 80% reduction in international aid with the emphasis placed on emergency response by shared RN, RFA and RAF assets.

But the chances of a "Conservative Party" under Slippery Dave pledging that are zero.


i albion said...

Which under 25s is he talking about the ones who are here illegally or the ones who are queuing to get in at the moment? answers on a postcard please.

Brian said...

Neither, as they are industrious and well-educated with a keen work ethic who enrich our society with cultural diversity. ;-(
Politiciam meet Somali/Afghan/Kurd/Bangladeshi etc, Interpreter please could you introduce Mr Somali to ... oh, I think he has an important meeting with his tax accountant.

So it will be the home-reared under-25s warehoused for eleven years by the State in an attempt to teach them core subjects like drugs, sex education, climate change and racism awareness. Reading, writing and maths are sooo bourgeois and Western, as is sitting still on a chair for five minutes without hitting one's neighbour or swearing.

The Diamond Jubilee has worn off, I'm afraid.

Thud said...

As the chances are zero I'm still mulling over taking the family off to join other family in America.I love England so much that living abroad lessens the pain of seeing all that was good around me wither and die.Some may say that if I do love it here then I should stay and fight...fight how? plus I don't wish to gamble with my little uns future. On a lighter note my raspberries etc are coming on fine in the rain even if apples etc have been decimated and I mean decimated.

Brian said...

You're right, sadly. No matter how logical, reasonable, accurate and ... right for goodness sakes are the demands of the majority for our way of life, the powers of darkness refuse to listen because they can never be wrong. They will say what they think we want to hear, but never follow up with the actual doing. I don't blame you putting the futures of your children first: name one politico that doesn't - at public expense for them!
Actually, fruit and veg are more important than politics. Like your raspberries, my strawbs are doing well and the rhubarb is thriving - I'm putting on plenty of manure so that next year's sticks will be as thick as butchers' forearms.