Wednesday, 27 June 2012

House of Lords Reform Bill

A one clause bill:

1.  The House of Lords is abolished with immediate effect.

Rooms in the Palace of Westminster presently used for the House of Lords will be converted into dormitories for MPs requiring overnight accommodation when at Westminster.

There is the problem of keeping the unemployable eight hundred strong mob occupied but the additional number of daycare centre and prison places required would be much less than the LimpDims wheeze for permanent jobs for them.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Aspirational Waffle And Hypocrisy

So says the popular Archbishop of Canterbury about Slippery Dave's Big Society idea about adults acting like grown up and looking after themselves, their families and neighbours instead of relying on Civil Servants hamstrung by politically correct nonsense from doing their jobs properly.

I must ask the chap who wear's a tea cosy and curtains for work and believes in the EU one simple question: "Isn't religion "aspirational waffle"?

And then Slippery Dave flags up a "post election" Tory policy to put clear blue water between him and the LibDems - no housing benefit for under 25s.

I would prefer proper policies like O Levels, proper schools, no HS2, proper police and prisons, EU  protection racket reduced to EEA membership, a non-windmill energy policy, a negative growth immigration policy, "British Benefits only for British", an end to permanent wars in parts of the world that don't directly affect us and, most importantly, an 80% reduction in international aid with the emphasis placed on emergency response by shared RN, RFA and RAF assets.

But the chances of a "Conservative Party" under Slippery Dave pledging that are zero.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cameron Forgets Conservative Voters At The Pub

David Cameron (with thanks to wikipedia)

Last year David Cameron was at his local pub having lunch with friends, the Cleggs, the Merkels and the Obamas when the Conservative voters whom he had accompanied there went off on their own to discuss the merits of EU membership.
Unfortunately, because everyone was driving back in the Barroso and van Rompuy's cars (very nice people met on holiday who were renting the villa next to theirs), the party went without the Conservative voters.

When the landlord phoned the Camerons, the answer came back "Let them walk home, they've nowhere else to go, have they?"

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

BBC - Only Connect

I was idly searching for a precedent for the BBC's omnishambolic coverage of the Diamond Jubilee, especially the River Pageant, when I remembered the occasion of the 1937 Spithead Fleet Review: "The Fleet's all lit up". Well, I recalled reading about it in an old copy of Aeroplane Monthly.

Anyway, here is Lieutenant Commander Tommy Woodroffe RN's infamous commentary for the BBC.

I then googled Tommy Woodroffe and discovered that he was appointed as the BBC commentator for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. But only after the BBC thought that sending Olympic gold medallist and sports commentator, Harold (Chariots of Fire) Abrahams would be a bit impolite. He was a Jew you see. The BBC Archives mention the story here, but I haven't heard it on the BBC's endless Olympics programmes yet. Nor have I heard mention that Jesse Owens and another African american were the substitutes demanded by the pro-Nazi head and coach of the American Olympics athletic organisation instead of a couple of American sprinters who happened to be Jewish. And apparently Hitler did shake hands with Jesse Owens before leaving the stadium, although Roosevelt didn't invite him or any other black medallists to a reception at the White House unlike all the other (white) American winners.

I then googled Dr Dietrich and found only this chap, the Reich Press Chief. It would seem that being a non-aryan in the SS didn't really harm his career, although he never rose higher than SS-obergruppenfuhrer. I couldn't find anything on Dr Ratka not even in the Official Olympic Games Report 1936 (pp300 onwards).

I do wonder if Tommy and Max were "lit up" when they drafted their letter. If anyone can put me right about the  Doktors Ratka and Dietrich in the letter please comment.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Republicans Would Ban Christmas

Well Olly Cromwell, the Lord Protector republican head of State who took fun out of fundamentalism, certainly did.

Seeing all the Jubilee Celebrations for sixty years of service by HM the Queen to her country, only Prodnoses could fail to see the shared happiness and pride among people at the celebrations. We were not supporting one mob over another as at a games match, but were truly in it together. And those that claim to know better despise that. Well stuff them!

The republicans say that we ought to be able to elect our head of state. With the same ability to pick losers that we have with our politicians, no doubt. And we don't have a proper democracy even for that - the candidates are picked by maybe a dozen people at the top of parties where policies are developed on commission. Even if we had perfect democracy (as impossible as free market competition), look at our fellow citizens: 95% of whom I wouldn't trust to tell the time correctly.  A very wise person told me only to take notice of people whose opinions one respects. The republicans would get the Dancing on X-Factor klutz for four years they deserve. How many soldiers would be willing to risk life and goolies for Baroness Ashton or Brian Paddick?

And look at the candidates for president over the last sixty years, um, er, um. Look at the succession of failures that the Yanks and Frogs have picked. And the Huns don't directly elect their Prez but leave it to their politicians to mess things up (not very good judges of character lately). Didn't Enoch Powell famously say that all political careers end in failure? A brilliant way to bind the country together, especially as the winning candidate can win by only one more vote than the other plonker. Rather like the doctor who scrapes through all his retaken exams and is on duty to save your life on a weekend.

In conclusion, our constitutional monarchy is best and we are extremely lucky and proud to have Her Majesty as Queen. Likewise, I have every confidence in the Prince of Wales and Prince William to do their duty when the time comes.

Best Wishes to Her Majesty, Long May She Reign Over Us.