Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Supporting The Archbdishop Cranmer Blog

I support the Freedom of Speech and support Archbishop Cranmer against the ASA.

In addition I demand that quangos like the ASA and the Charities Commision cannot be headed by obvious party political placemen.


Edward Spalton said...

Interesting that you should mention the Charities Commission. I see that the chief executive is now the chap who was Chairman of the Electoral Commission - so there's an element of musical chairs.

More seriously, I am concerned about the "Third Sector" , as the government now terms charities. They have been given extra latitude to campaign on political matters, affecting their fields of interest. Many of the really big ones (Oxfam, WWF, Friends of the Earth, Christian Aid etc) are very keen on the man-mad global warming story and also receive massive EU subsidies. So, I wonder whether they now have their man in place and their ducks in a row ready for a campaign to support the o-so environmentally friendly EU in an "in/out" referendum.

The Electoral Commission itself has a statutory DUTY to inform and educate people about the institutions of the EU and that can be interpreted in many ways. Experience from Ireland suggests that the authorities will be highly partial to the EU side in any referendum.

Many of the pro referendum campaigners seem to have little interest in researching these aspects and want to concentrate on focus groups to produce popular slogans etc - Press on regardless!

Brian said...

Thanks for your comment. I could add the Equalities Commission.

Personally, I think the idea of a referendum on EU membership is a smokescreen in front of mirrors. All the Liblabcon parties support membership as does Big Business (who pay for the directives they want)and a lost referendum will wreck any chances of freedom and economic growth for a further generation. The EU is a symptom of the powerlessness of people to control their governments. Reform that system, return power to the people and then ask the question.