Saturday, 12 May 2012

Some Pithy Points

1. The CTOL F-35C should have been ordered in 2002 along with steam catapult equipped aircraft carriers. This is how a diesel/gas turbine powered ship generates steam. The STOVL F-35B was ordered because the RAF didn't want to give up any of its fast jets (Tornado and Typhoon) and had already got bored with the Harrier as it had stopped al fresco deployments (for which the Harrier was originally ordered) after the end of the Cold War. The Navy just wanted TWO BIG BOATS and kept quiet.

2. The AirTanker PFI is indeed far too expensive. The RAF should buy the China Eastern trade-in A340s and ask Marshalls of Cambridge to zero-hour and convert them to the RAAF specification (probe, reinforced floor and big cargo door). Then walk away from the PFI. Set a precedent.

3.  If Jeremy Hunt has really done something wrong regarding the News International takeover of BSkyB, why are politicos asking for him to resign? Shouldn't LOL Dave sack him instead? Wouldn't that save the three month salary resettlement grant that Ministers get when they screw up big time? Why reward failure?


Thud said...

I always enjoy and learn from your aero posts.

Brian said...

Many thanks, Squire Thud. I've not been posting lately because I've mostly been aerating the lawns and walking a labrador I'm looking after temporarily. But I'll post something soon about defence procurement stupidity because it's such an easy topic.

Thud said...

Aerating lawn...mine are so sodden I need spikes about a yard long I reckon.

Brian said...

Or herringbone field drains. I must be getting old because improving the lawns is more satisfying than playing games on them :-)