Sunday, 27 May 2012

Politician Admits Expenses Oversight

"It's true," said the unnamed politician, "but I actually forgot to submit an expenses claim for the period in question, I feel a fool because I've missed the deadline.  I had actually completed the claim form and attached the invoices but I was distracted by pressure of work."  "I can reassure members on both sides of the House that it won't happen again. I have learnt that expenses don't claim themselves."

Sources "close to" the politician later said that it was an indication of how "We are all in it together" and that it was necessary to make hard decisions in a period of austerity in order to "reduce the deficit".

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tory Meetings With Google Were A Waste Of Time

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How not to win friends and influence people:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Supporting The Archbdishop Cranmer Blog

I support the Freedom of Speech and support Archbishop Cranmer against the ASA.

In addition I demand that quangos like the ASA and the Charities Commision cannot be headed by obvious party political placemen.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Some Pithy Points

1. The CTOL F-35C should have been ordered in 2002 along with steam catapult equipped aircraft carriers. This is how a diesel/gas turbine powered ship generates steam. The STOVL F-35B was ordered because the RAF didn't want to give up any of its fast jets (Tornado and Typhoon) and had already got bored with the Harrier as it had stopped al fresco deployments (for which the Harrier was originally ordered) after the end of the Cold War. The Navy just wanted TWO BIG BOATS and kept quiet.

2. The AirTanker PFI is indeed far too expensive. The RAF should buy the China Eastern trade-in A340s and ask Marshalls of Cambridge to zero-hour and convert them to the RAAF specification (probe, reinforced floor and big cargo door). Then walk away from the PFI. Set a precedent.

3.  If Jeremy Hunt has really done something wrong regarding the News International takeover of BSkyB, why are politicos asking for him to resign? Shouldn't LOL Dave sack him instead? Wouldn't that save the three month salary resettlement grant that Ministers get when they screw up big time? Why reward failure?

Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Good Law

Every time a Government Minister gets up on his or her trotters to announce a new piece of legislation they must preface the announcement by stating whether or not the new law is because of an EU directive or regulation and state its title, number and year.

This will serve to illustrate how much supposedly English law making is actually cutting and pasting Brussels diktats and how weak the Government actually is. It will also save Dr North of EUReferendum from having to delve into eurolex and surface every time with well-merited "I told you so" proof.

Failure to mention that a Government policy is actually EU policy will cause the Minister and Permanent Secretary to be liable for a sentence of twelve months imprisonment if found guilty on indictment.

Update: Thanks to Edward Spalton, I am now aware that Mark Harper MP proposed a Ten Minute Rule Bill to this effect that the Government used a whipping to vote down. Great! So much for democracy and openness where the EU is concerned. I'm increasingly minded to believe that The Constant Gardener is a manual of governance.

ANOTHER MODEST (actually an excellent one) PROPOSAL. From Edward Spalton

Every policeman, council official, civil servant or quangocrat enforcing a law originating from the EU in any way should wear a drark blue armband with that ring of stars. Then we would know who really rules us