Friday, 6 April 2012

We Are All Residents Of Dumpton Place Now

From today's Daily Wail. Developers want to change the name of Dumpton Place in Norf Landan to the more upmarket sounding (to downmarket people) Jasmin Mews in order to increase the Ker-ching factor.

But, rather like President Kennedy claiming to be a fruit pastry (everybody knew what he meant, smart arses), I think I am, and indeed most of us are, involuntary residents of Dumpton Place as our home country has been changed without our consent in order to satisfy the whims of a minority - 'twas ever thus, alas.

As far as embarrassing street names, well our Anglo-Saxon ancestors were plain speakers who believed things should be just as it says on the tin or street sign. The excellent Londonist has a list. And everyone knows what used to go on in Grape Lane. I arranged for some  repairs to be done to a stone wall in Treacle Cock Alley in Bingley. What went on there? Originally it was called Tickle Cock Alley because cock fighting took place. Ooooh Matron!

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Edward Spalton said...

In the Heath/Walker reforms of local government in the Seventies,,people in the North West of England had a narrow escape.

They nearly invented a county called SELNEC (South East Lancashire North East Cheshire), Dumpton Place, Dumpton Square, Dumpton Mews, Dumpton Boulevard, Dumpton Avenue) would have been splendidly suitable addresses for such a ghastly bureaucratic construct.