Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A New Solution For Democracy? Manifold Democracy

Democracy is a good thing. But, it is dangerous when concentrated in the hands of a few and also when available to a tyrannical majority which takes no account of the minority. A balance needs to be struck between autocracy/oligocracy on the one hand and ochlocracy on the other.

My solution is the introduction of plural or manifold democracy into the second chamber, currently inhabited by party placemen and religoons without any accountability to the public. It's nearly impossible to convict them of expenses fraud, for goodness sake.

Manifold Democracy gives every organisation with, say, 80,000 paid up members (the same as a constuency for exanmple, the right to a voting seat for as long as they retain their membership quota  in the second chamber. If an organisation has more than 200,000 members it gets two seats etc. I have no problem with even religoons plonking themselves down if they have the legimacy of 79,999 other like minded people.  There will probably be just as many people to balance out extremist opinions. The beauty and simplicity of this idea is that all of a voter's interests can be represented simply by him or her joining one or more organisation. Of course, political parties can also claim seats but only if they attract enough members. By becoming mass membership organisations again, instead of North London dinner party/focus group cliques, the Augean Stables of the first chamber with its constituency Representative Advocates will begin to be cleaned of the filth of party whipping.


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