Saturday, 14 April 2012

BREAKING NEWS! Cameron Recovers Classic Aircraft From Abroad

In a classic publicity stunt today to attempt to associate himself with the Brave Brylcremed Few, David Cameron announced that negotiations had been successfully concluded for the return to airworthiness in Britain of up to 20 iconic British aircraft. Unfortunately, they aren't the 72 Harrier GR9s that were flogged off at fire sale prices to the USMC by the Amalgamated Union of Tornado and Typhoon Drivers. VAT will be charged on them to simplify matters.

A spokesperson for the other member of the Special Relationship was subsequently reported to say that "The Department of Defence  negativizes with extreme prejudice the speechification of the English Premiership, Mr Dale Campbell. We have gotten 'em fair'n'square. Git or Ah'll shoot you varmints"

Update 16 April: Dave "Mavis" Cameron is going to buy the F-35B STOVL after all.


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Jakarta Hotel said...

I have a feeling the MoD is wishing they had never done this deal as the UK Harrier fleet would have been a fantastic cost saving “gap filler” for the RAF and Royal Navy as they could have flown them for years off of their new STOVL configured Queen Elizabeth Class carriers. By doing so the UK could have slowed, reduced, or halted their order for the much more capable F-35B until the aircraft had matured and was proven

Brian said...

Great point.
I have a feeling that the MoD will never learn from their mistakes or even their successes.

GPS Tracking said...

Nice review! But I much prefer f 16 than harrier.
Do you have F16 article?

Brian said...

Many thanks. Much as I admire the F-16 and the work of Pierre Sprey and John Boyd in getting it and the XF-17 past the F-15 mad fighter jock - just like the A-10 aka the best aircraft the USAAF always wants to get rid of, I'm a Hornet/Super Hornet fan.

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Harrier is a legend!
The first new prototype flew in 1981, with production aircraft flying in 1983.