Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pensioners Mugged To Pay For Jellyby's White Elephant

The present £10,660 income tax age allowance for pensioners is being frozen at the behest of the LimpDims so that everyone will have a £9,205 allowance next April. Labour claim that the freeze is to pay for the cut of the maximum tax rate from 50% to 45%. Well they are in opposition.

However, none of the institutional parties admit that the real cause for the cut in British Pensioners' incomes is the willy-waving 35% increase of the deeply unpopular and wasteful Department for International Development budget over four years:

Amazingly, they claimed that the budget was being cut by £1 billion - by which they mean the cumulative reduction of the planned increase over three years!

So British Pensioners are hated by the bipartisan Jellybys with their telescopic philanthropy. I cannot understand why foreigners are subsidised at the expense of the welfare of British citizens, after all when our pensioners were beginning their taxpaying careers, their contemporaries in countries now receiving British Borrowed Money were eager to divest themselves of British involvement. What part of Go Away doesn't Andrew Mitchell understand?

With an extra £11 billion available to them, just imagine how many British Pensioners wouldn't freeze in winter, or be denied humane healthcare.

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