Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Many Not The Few: Buy This Book!

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Dr Richard North has written an excellent, well-researched and highly readable book which provides a reversionist, "worms-eye-view" of the Battle of Britain. It does what it says in the title, proving that the war was won not just by the brave Brylcreme Boys of Fighter Command but by the rest of the RAF, the RN, the Army, the Merchant Navy and the civilian population whose resilience against the Night Blitz was greater than the Luftwaffe's strength in the  time available befor the bombers were sent East to prepare for Operation Barbarossa.
Every O Level History student knows the quote that "History is written by the victor." Unsurprisingly, the history of the Battle of Britain was rewritten to protect reputations, cover up mistakes and boost favoured people. Hitler was banking on the morale of the British people to crumble, but our ancestors gave him the old Ralph Richardson in The Battle of Britain and carried on scared, half starved and community-singing while making thingummybobs.
This book deserves a place on your bookshelf next to the well-thumbed copies of Stephen Bungay and Clive Ponting's books. Buy It! Go on, open your mind to another opinion, it's only £13.00 - or 1/385 of a Spitfire.

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Richard said...

Brilliant review! Of course, there is a slight possibility here that I'm a tad biased. But it is still brilliant ... trust me!