Sunday, 19 February 2012

David Cameron Visits Quaker Oats Factory And Samples Porridge

"Yon Sassenach wi' his ain wallies, whae's he eatin' oor porridge fur?"

Photo credit PA.

Apparently, the truth is that the photo was taken at the start of breakfast before introductions had been made. Said apprehensive Ian McNeil "Once the dialogue got going he was really nice." But he's a lifelong SNP voter and wants independence for Scotland.

The moral of this story, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears every story has a moral, is that one cannot believe what the MSM churn out. It may be the truth but it's seldom the whole truth because those professional journos or "hacks" as they no longer like to call themselves always have an angle to pursue.

I wish I'd been on a table when arch-scum Brown visited my JobCentre after his redundancies had been announced (no, he never dared to meet the people he was putting out of work, he can thank Sue for that) as I would have looked just the same. But I would have been angry and aggressive and ready to tell him that I was being made redundant merely because the new JobCentrePlus office had insufficient floor area for all those Personal Advisors who had consistently met their performance targets.

And, Miriam O'Reilly, was it really a coincidence that the only three people made redundant from their jobs at my office were middle-aged white .... men, ie over half of the male members of staff at the grade eligible for redundancy?  Given that women outnumbered men by two-to-one even before the "exercise" there was undoubtedly something fishy going on. But it had all been "equality-proofed" to protect those with statutory victim status so we had no redress.

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