Friday, 10 February 2012

Daily Wail Can't Tell Difference between black Hawk And Blackhawk

Yesterday, a Daily Mail report of an Air Proximity Board Report (pp16-23) by their aviation correspondent, Katie Silver, produced the above cracker. Seemingly relying on and rewriting agency copy, Ms Silver confused black Hawk jet trainer aircraft with Black Hawk helicopters. If she had read the actual seven page report (or even the first page) she would have realised that the Saab pilot referred to grey Tornados (ie lo-viz camouflaged) and black Hawks (hi-viz low altitude conspicuous scheme). Not all Hawks are Red Arrows , dear.

RAF black Hawk (thanks to RAF for photo)

A US UH-60L Black Hawk (thanks USAF for photo)

Compare the Daily Wail's report of an AAIB Report into a Dyn'Aero MCR-1 ULC with the real thing. Graham Smith wrote that the cause was the failure of aluminium tail attachment bolts. Er, you meant lugs. Despite my comment advising of the actual report the story hasn't been amended.

Moral of the story: The Daily Mail stopped being Air-Minded when Lord Rothermere  donated the Bristol "Britain First" to the RAF in 1935. Memo to Paul Dacre: ignore Hugh Jego and hire someone who knows that a Saab 340 isn't "a tiny passenger plane" except when compared with an Airbus A380 to write about aviation matters. Yes it does, by the way. More than footer, slebs, Downton and Dancing. And even Miranda Hart.

Update: EUReferendum has linked to this post regarding the RAF Black Hawks! Dr North wrote an excellent post.


Gareth said...

"Daily Wail Can't Tell Difference between black Hawk And Blackhawk"

They all look alike to me.

Brian said...

You are Katie Silver and I claim my £5 :)