Friday, 24 February 2012

The Daily Mail And Missile Batteries - Help

The Daily Mail published the above photo and caption online today as part of an article on the scandalous extradition/judicial kidnap of British businessman Christopher Tappin to the US.

The caption reads "War trade: Mr Tappin is accused of trying to sell Iran missile batteries similar to these on the back of army trucks in Tel Aviv, Israel".

Er, actually those are Patriot missile canisters, four per launcher vehicle, six vehicles per battery (etym. c.1525 OF battre + erie, lit. an organisation or place where beating takes place- I don't know why either). The Americans are claiming Mr Tappin attempted to sell batteries for Hawk surface-to-air missiles (or missals as the Yanks say) to Iran. The sort of battery that one puts in a car or a torch.

Something like this - although Mr Obama, I'm not suggesting that the Iranians try putting this inside the Hawk missiles the Americans sold them, and this one isn't advertised as suitable for putting in a missile and probably wouldn't work as it's nowhere near expensive enough for defence use:

Oh Dear...


shuggie said...

It reminds me of the recent story from the Mail about the RAF blackhawk helicopters buzzing a remote Scottish airfield and almost causing a passenger plane to crash.
The fact that the RAF doesn't have blackhawks didn't bother them. They just photoshopped RAF roundels onto a blackhawk.
It turned out they had mis read an air accident report about 2 black Hawks ( trainer aircraft).
Mind you we've had the Spitfire jet fighter from the BBC defence expert and numerous other gaffes so it's obvious that they just don't give a monkey's. A 2 minute phone call to a real expert for advice is outwith their wit to contemplate.
this new word verification is going to drive me mental grrrrr :)

Brian said...

This one? ;) They've still not corrected it.

attack on Iran said...

Don't forget, Obama has just apologized to some Islamic group for the umpteenth time since he became President. Something to do with a Quaran burning by some Yanks at a base in Afghanistan (just blowing off steam no doubt). Of course, never mind the 20 Christian churches in Nigeria blown up by Boko Haram there, we'll give that one a pass.

SIPP investments said...

The amount of paranoia and conspiracy theories out there just grows with the overall bad economy shuggie. Of course, most of the Arab world still believes 9-11 was a Mossad plot and "of course everyone knows that 4,000 Jews stayed home from work that day...." Morons.