Thursday, 9 February 2012

BBC And Value Judgements

Apparently a BBC manager (one of thousands) has ordered BBC journos not to call Abu Qatada either extremist or fat. He's a radical and has allegedly benefitted from the Long Larton diet.

Personally, I think asylum seekers/foreigners not born here should be on a permanent good behaviour bond while they reside in the UK. If they don't like the rules or cause trouble then that's what abroad is for.

But a BBC manager talking about value judgement? The BBC are poor judges of value as their payment of £80-100k plus salaries to telly news readers and even more to so called "talent" clearly shows. Instead of cutting the number of newsreaders on the freeviw news channel to one at a time, why not just use the excellent vocal talents of Radio 4's newsreaders instead for all news broadcasts. Charlotte Green, for example,  is definitely worth £1 million a year. :)

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