Thursday, 5 January 2012

Diane Abbott - Again

Back on 24 June 2010:

Today she "twitters" that white people love playing "divide and rule" , something she later apologises for after claiming weakly that her words were taken out of context (the defence allowed to alleged white racists). What is divide and rule? Does it involve offside? Shouldn't there be mandatory quotas for BME players in divide and rule teams or a talent identification programme and coaching in inner-city areas to encourage uptake? Whatever divide and rule is, I know I will be picked last :-(

Once may be an accident, but twice is on the way to an unsettling pattern of behaviour. Cab to the diversity training course for Ms Abbott?

Update 7 January 2011. Apparently, black people have difficulty hailing black cabs according to the Sage of Hackney.

Do professionals in the race industry love playing "inducing middle-class guilt"?


Thud said...

Regardless of colour her smug elitist demeanour is both revolting and infuriating.

Brian said...

So true and the same applies to her bestie Portillo.