Friday, 13 January 2012

Ban Lobbying, It Has Corrupted Politics

I recently wrote to David Cameron to advise him of  a very unfair policy by a government agency. In my letter I mentioned that I had also written to that agency. Today I received a template letter from a Downing Street correspondence Admin Assistant (the lowest Civil Service grade with access to the stationery cupboard) thanking me for taking the time and trouble to write (piss off) and that my letter had been passed to the department concerned to reply (piss off as Dave ain't interested).

Just imagine the difference if I had invested in the services of a Political Lobbying Company. My letter would have been treated with care and attention and I would not be disgusted with this post-democratic corporate society.

Notice to all mainstream political parties: I will no longer place my X against the name of your rosette holder on the ballot paper. Instead, I will vote for extremist parties at random in order to give Special Branch the extra job of matching the numbered ballot papers to the marked electoral register to identify the national security threat (non-sheep) in their midst.

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