Monday, 30 January 2012

Cameron To Veto Continental Breakfast At EU Summit

Prime Minister David Cameron is understood to be ready to use the British veto tomorrow morning and demand a Full English Breakfast instead.

Eurosceptic Tory MPs have praised the PM for sticking up for British interests and a thoughtful editorial in the Daily Mail reminded readers that eating croissants and rolls with jam and coffee in a cereal bowl for breakfast prevented the French from standing up to Germany in both World Wars and the Franco-Prussian War.

The Breakfast Chef at the hotel where Mr Cameron and the British delegation are staying shrugged his shoulders at the news of the principled British Veto and said, "That's OK, we have a serve yourself buffet arrangement, anyway. They can have cereals and kippers as well if they wish. We make plenty of toast."

Thuggish, Bullying Politics

The Chief Executive of RBS has declined his £900,000 bonus because he felt he was being made a paraiah by politicians. Personally, I don't think salaried employees should receive an annual salary of £1.4 million or bonuses, unless for exceptional service. Bonuses don't properly reward good work, merely achieving targets, something that the Civil Service infatuation with Performance Pay clearly demonstrates.  If Mr Hester was risking his own money, as a partner, then there would be justification for large salaries. Indeed the banking and financial services industry would be more wisely self-regulated if partners stood to lose their homes if risky investments failed instead of the Bank of Taxpayers underwriting the insurance costs of their dealing going sour.

But when pygmy MPs get up on their hind legs and claim the moral high ground (how can scum who are trying to ease themselves back into a free-money expenses regime without us noticing, speak of morality?) and say that paying someone according to their contractual terms is unfair, I reach for my revolver. Politicians are content to tear up public servants' pension schemes (but not their own well-upholstered arrangements) but pick and choose their targets - perhaps they are hoping for easy Milliband , Blair, Brown jobs on boards with trips to Davos etc. They are like those sad plonkers who moan about Payment Protection Insurance, "But I didn't understand it."  To quote Warren Buffet, the Sage of Omaha, "If you don't understand it, don't buy it." Mr Buffet is a billionaire. I realise that the people who negotiated and signed off the contract with Mr Hester were probably morons with sharp elbows (how else would they reach the necessary pay grade?) but why don't they write off the costs of someone who did his job against their own training budgets? Don't make that mistake again.

And it's sickening that politicians don't criticise the nonsense money paid to footballers, managers and hangers on. They tolerate these modern day gladiators and charioteers because their circuses and soaps and "reality telly"distract the sheeple from waking up, smelling the shit and complaining about being tax-farmed for the benefit of the 1% of business and politicians.

We are not living in a democracy with the rule of law, we are living in a post-Fascist corporate state in which, as in Sparta, he who shouts or lobbies loudest, wins the argument. Right and wrong have left the building.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Putting Up A Black

The Mail on Sunday today included an article about the famous BBC recording of birdsong in an Oxted garden on 19 May 1942 which wasn't broadcast live as planned because a stream of RAF aircraft was passing overhead and the recording engineer didn't want to alert German radio monitors of a raid.
As the live radio broadcast was a long-established annual tradition, someone in Bomber Command HQ "put up a black" by allowing the bomber stream (which included Halifaxes, Stirlings, Hampdens and Manchesters as well) to route over Oxted on its way to Mannheim. So once "Chub" had been chosen as the Main Force target, staff officers at High Wycombe would have contacted Group HQs and the routes proposed by the AOCs of the Groups involved would have been agreed with the SASO.

Sadly, the main effect of the raid, from which eleven aircraft and their crews failed to return, was the bombing of woodland and open country around the target with only a small area of harbourside (next to the Rhine) businesses, eg a blanket mill and a timber warehouse destroyed, despite 155 aircraft outt of 197 despatched claiming to have hit the target.. All the same, they did amazingly well despite minimal training and navigational kit - mainly dead reckoning.

The recording is a fitting tribute to the sacrifice and courage of Bomber Command aircrew who have never received the thanks and recognition they deserved from the government which disowned them after the war.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Ban Lobbying, It Has Corrupted Politics

I recently wrote to David Cameron to advise him of  a very unfair policy by a government agency. In my letter I mentioned that I had also written to that agency. Today I received a template letter from a Downing Street correspondence Admin Assistant (the lowest Civil Service grade with access to the stationery cupboard) thanking me for taking the time and trouble to write (piss off) and that my letter had been passed to the department concerned to reply (piss off as Dave ain't interested).

Just imagine the difference if I had invested in the services of a Political Lobbying Company. My letter would have been treated with care and attention and I would not be disgusted with this post-democratic corporate society.

Notice to all mainstream political parties: I will no longer place my X against the name of your rosette holder on the ballot paper. Instead, I will vote for extremist parties at random in order to give Special Branch the extra job of matching the numbered ballot papers to the marked electoral register to identify the national security threat (non-sheep) in their midst.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Diane Abbott - Again

Back on 24 June 2010:

Today she "twitters" that white people love playing "divide and rule" , something she later apologises for after claiming weakly that her words were taken out of context (the defence allowed to alleged white racists). What is divide and rule? Does it involve offside? Shouldn't there be mandatory quotas for BME players in divide and rule teams or a talent identification programme and coaching in inner-city areas to encourage uptake? Whatever divide and rule is, I know I will be picked last :-(

Once may be an accident, but twice is on the way to an unsettling pattern of behaviour. Cab to the diversity training course for Ms Abbott?

Update 7 January 2011. Apparently, black people have difficulty hailing black cabs according to the Sage of Hackney.

Do professionals in the race industry love playing "inducing middle-class guilt"?