Friday, 16 December 2011

What France Is Best At

The recent nonsense from various Froggies like Sarkozy and their central bank chairman about the British economy is as expected. They have a thousand years experience of picking fights with us and coming off worst.  The Entente Cordiale came about as a result of the Fashoda Incident when les Grenouilles realised, still smarting from the speedy rout of the Franco-Prussian War that it might be better to get les Anglais help them out should Germany march west again. As for the Crimean War of 1854-6, the frogs temporarily put aside thoughts of revanche pour Waterloo to in favour of protecting their trade and prestige in the Near East.

Which brings me to this recommendation for a Chritmas read: England's Last War Against France by Colin Smith. Unsurprisingly, the French Army and Navy fought harder against the British in Dakar, Madagascar, Lebanon, Syria and Anglo-American forces in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia than they managed against les Boche in 1940.

I'll be re-reading Alastair Horne's classic To Lose A Battle for Christmas relief. I might just be able to get through the 736 pages quicker than the Panzers managed through northern France.


Thud said...

To lose a battle is a fine book, strangely though I have a sneaking admiration for France and its obsession with itself something perhaps we could learn from.

Brian said...

Agreed. The French are experts in the tactical use of sharp elbows, in contrast to our Foreign Office of which the default negotiating position is "after you, Jean-Paul". I bet the Froggies stuff their pockets with Ferraro-Roche at the British Embassy Christmas party.