Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ed Balls Is Worse Than Jeremy Clarkson

Because he has offended me personally and hasn't the courtesy to apologise.

I sent an email to Edward Michael Balls, Shadow Chancellor on 12 September. The text is below:

Dear Mr Balls,

During an interview with Matthew Amroliwala today  you used the phrase "that's the way to ensure there's not footdragging". and, seconds later "to make sure that we don't have footdragging".

I was born with hemiplegia which affected the left side of my body. It's meant that since I began walking, despite years of braces, casts and surgery, my left foot has dragged as I walk. My life has been made a misery due to comments made by cruel and unthinking idiots.

It's funny how people's reactions to me change when they meet me in person; one can sense them mentally knocking twenty or thirty IQ points off when I limp towards them.

Forty-six years of that leaves one with a justifiably short fuse so when an educated politician like you spouts a cliche like "footdragging" when you could use alternatives like procrastinating or shillyshallying, for example. I'm sure you are a big enough person not to kick this complaint into the long grass marked "So What?" so I await your immediate and sincere apology for the offence you have caused me and many others with a similar gait problem.



To date I have only received an automated reply asking for my address from the office of Balls. It makes me think that the boy doesn't care unless he's paid to.

Ed Balls, you have one last chance to make amends.

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Thud said...

He did it on purpose...go get him!