Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary has published a review of the Police's tactical responses to England's August Riots.

The headline idea is that arsonists could be shot dead to protect the lives of building occupants. Odd that Parliament decided off its own bat to stop capital punishment as a sentence for murder because of a few miscarriages of justice but the Police consider themselves capable of being judge, jury and executioner in the (literally) heat of the moment, without the opportunity of an appeal or petition to the Home Secretary.

If anyone deserves to be shot during a riot it is the senior police officers who allow public order to get out of hand and escalate by neglecting to swamp the miscreants with overwhelming force and speedy arrests. It is their job to organise timely reinforcements in the right places, not to attempt to establish a black-uniformed copy of the Army.

Another idea in the report is to use water cannons on rioters. Now that would be a practical solution to arson - perhaps such vehicles could be painted red for identification purposes and made available to fight ordinary fires when not needed to quell riots..

Monday, 19 December 2011

Aidan Burley MP

The boy's a fool and yet more proof that MPs are seldom honourable in practice. His ignorance of modern history despite the vast quantity of programmes on the Nazis available via Freeview, puts him in the same league of stupidity as Charlie "I didn't realise it was the Cenotaph I was swinging from" Gilmore. FFS, proper Tories like Airey Neave, murdered by certain Friends of Tony before the twerp was born, knew what the SS was like at first hand. The SS were guilty of war crimes and all SS officers ought to have been shot out of hand by the Allies to improve German society. Yet the scum responsible for the 1940 Wormhoudt Massacre of men of 2 bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment and others, escaped scot-free.
Oddly, Burley does not reveal the subject of his Oxford degree, though Dave Cameron's First in History didn't prevent him making a howler about Britain being "Junior Partner" to America in 1940.
I've checked Burley's 2010 General Election majority - it was 3,195. I wonder how many of the 2,786 more recent occupants of this address submitted postal votes? I bet this constituent would have liked the cut of his jib.

What A Load Of Rubbish

Last week some Russian Navy vessels including the 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier Admiral Kutznetsov approached within 30 miles of the Scotch coastline in the Moray Firth without a by your leave to any of our 430 Admirals.
Because a Nimrod MRA4 was unavailable at nearby RAF Kinloss, due to scrapping and closure respectively, (whether an airworthy Nimrod would have been available anyway is a moot point), it was feared that an invasion was underway and so HMS York was ordered to steam up from the English Channel forthwith to see the naughty Russkies off (who could have mistaken Ross Shire on their charts for a home port) rather like HMS Cumberland's 34 hour marathon from refitting in the Falklands in order take part in the Battle of the River Plate. The naughty Russians were spotted chucking bin bags overboard but no action was taken for two reasons: the USN chucked bin Laden overboard in the Indian Ocean; the Environmental Protection Agency doesn't prosecute fly-tipping Travellers.
Why? The RAF could have sent a Typhoon to investigate and take photos, or a Hercules or the Andrew could have tasked a Merlin to circle the fleet. Or the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency could have sent one of its four ships or two Cessna 406s based at Inverness Airport for a look around.
Instead, HMS York burnt thousands of gallons of fuel unnecessarily, just so a Royal Navy ship could be sunk if the Russians decided to make Wee Eck's day and give him independence from England at last.
Why can't sensible people take charge of defence and spend other people's money prudently?

Friday, 16 December 2011

What France Is Best At

The recent nonsense from various Froggies like Sarkozy and their central bank chairman about the British economy is as expected. They have a thousand years experience of picking fights with us and coming off worst.  The Entente Cordiale came about as a result of the Fashoda Incident when les Grenouilles realised, still smarting from the speedy rout of the Franco-Prussian War that it might be better to get les Anglais help them out should Germany march west again. As for the Crimean War of 1854-6, the frogs temporarily put aside thoughts of revanche pour Waterloo to in favour of protecting their trade and prestige in the Near East.

Which brings me to this recommendation for a Chritmas read: England's Last War Against France by Colin Smith. Unsurprisingly, the French Army and Navy fought harder against the British in Dakar, Madagascar, Lebanon, Syria and Anglo-American forces in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia than they managed against les Boche in 1940.

I'll be re-reading Alastair Horne's classic To Lose A Battle for Christmas relief. I might just be able to get through the 736 pages quicker than the Panzers managed through northern France.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ed Balls Is Worse Than Jeremy Clarkson

Because he has offended me personally and hasn't the courtesy to apologise.

I sent an email to Edward Michael Balls, Shadow Chancellor on 12 September. The text is below:

Dear Mr Balls,

During an interview with Matthew Amroliwala today  you used the phrase "that's the way to ensure there's not footdragging". and, seconds later "to make sure that we don't have footdragging".

I was born with hemiplegia which affected the left side of my body. It's meant that since I began walking, despite years of braces, casts and surgery, my left foot has dragged as I walk. My life has been made a misery due to comments made by cruel and unthinking idiots.

It's funny how people's reactions to me change when they meet me in person; one can sense them mentally knocking twenty or thirty IQ points off when I limp towards them.

Forty-six years of that leaves one with a justifiably short fuse so when an educated politician like you spouts a cliche like "footdragging" when you could use alternatives like procrastinating or shillyshallying, for example. I'm sure you are a big enough person not to kick this complaint into the long grass marked "So What?" so I await your immediate and sincere apology for the offence you have caused me and many others with a similar gait problem.



To date I have only received an automated reply asking for my address from the office of Balls. It makes me think that the boy doesn't care unless he's paid to.

Ed Balls, you have one last chance to make amends.