Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Youth Unemployment In UK

So, for the first time ever,  over one million young people aged 16-24 are out of work in Britain.

Part of the cause of this is the freedom of movement for workers within the EEA. This allows people from the poorer member states of the EU etc to migrate to the richer economies where even the national minimum wage is often more than the rate for skilled workers back home. There is, of course, no reciprocity for British workers. And the UKBA and its predecessors has floundered for years over detecting and removing illegal alien workers.

Until the UK government states that its prime duty is to UK nationals and enacts legislation to allow affirmative action for Britons in job recruitment, then freeborn Britlish men and women will be playing uphill on their home turf. That is not fair and is wrong. Until there is only frictional unemployment in the UK, foreign nationals should not be given work permits.

The extremists of the free market will claim that if foreigners are willing to work for 5p and a handful of wet gravel a 36 hour day then so too should British people, otherwise they are uncompetitive and deserve to starve. That is nonsense as the race downwards defeats everyone's interests except those gits paying 50% income tax who claim they are the only hard workers (try doing a crap job without guaranteed hours, split shifts at minimum wage and then redefine hard work). Equally, extremist europhiles will claim that we are enriched by foreign workers and that British workers could go East for jobs if they had the skills and work ethic. So why do foreign workers migrate to Britain if the jobs and pay at home are great, my little cleggista?

But no party will put Britain first.

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