Wednesday, 9 November 2011

That FIFA Poppy Ban

I'm not a footie fan by any means but if Johhny Foereigner in the shape of someone called Septic Bladder, so I've heard, says that England can't do something then I take the view that we will do it. He's Swiss, a nation famed for creating a safe home for gold and art looted from the rest of Europe by the Nazis. (Advice to foreigners: If you annoy us, don't ever let us sit down and have a cup of tea before we retaliate).

Well, if he says no poppies on footie shirts (how I remember the exquisite pointlessness of standing in studded boots on a cold, wet  and windy games field for the ball and a herd of players to race past every five minutes) then the UKBA should be instructed to don the marigolds every time he transits through a British airport.

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He will remember us.

Update: After letters from Dave and Chopper Willy FIFA and FA have compromised on a poppy motif on a black armband. But Remembrance isn't about mourning, it's remembrance. Those Swiss bastards just don't understand anything except cuckoo clocks, triangular chocolate and hiding money for kleptocrats. The International Red Cross is the exception that proves the rule.


James Higham said...

See they now want the EU flag on shirts at all games.

Thud said...

I just hope one at least of our players has the nerve to wear a poppy despite the ban and not just on an armband.