Monday, 14 November 2011

Still Think International Aid Is A Good Idea, Dave?

India has bought 139 Mil-17 helicopters (sort of a Russian Wasteland Merlin but much cheaper) for $2.345 billion since 2008.

So why the heck is money still taken from British pensioners to pay for DfID water pumps in cow muck thick Indian villages? If you like international aid so much why don't you and Andrew Mitchell and Tarquin an Rupert and Imogen and Samantha and Uncle Tome Cobbley and all who want to build school houses in their gap years so it looks good on the CV for the investment bank job that Daddy's friend has wangled for them pay for it all yourself? It's called charity, you smug git.


Thud said...

Perhaps it is to do with the guilt we are supposed to feel about the Empire....pride more like.

Brian said...

I wish it was guilt about letting people be killed and robbed by people of similar skin tone instead of being well-administered by District Commissioners who cared deeply about their charges. But given the superficiality of dorks like Cameron (amazingly an Oxford History First - what did they teach the Boy?), I doubt it. Mind you, confidence in our abilities took a bashing after the East African Groundnuts Scheme.