Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Open Letter To The Archbishop of Canterbury

Dear Rowan,

Here's the deal: I promise not to pitch my tent outside St Paul's Cathedral or in the lovely gardens of Lambeth Palace - having worked in Lambeth I understand why you need those high walls - so long as you make a few of my requests official Cof E policy. I accept that you and the Church hierachy are reasonable people who believe that everyone else behaves reasonably and fairly (something that the cynical flavours of religion know full well is a load of wibble, hence their relative successes by being nasty to opponents when necessary), which is why we both know you will be a pushover. Anyway, here's the portfolio of policies to begin with:

1   Sovereignty to be vested in the British people with government spending and legislation to be approved by binding referendums,

2    All EU Protection Money contributions to be diverted to investment in British industry and education to increase world competitiveness in preparation for EU collapse,

3    International Aid to be reduced to a sum matching private donations,

4     UK population to be capped at 55 million through labour market balancing and removal of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who have entered the UK through safe third countries.

I'm sure we've got many more ideas to make Britain better so let's keep in touch.

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