Friday, 25 November 2011

Bless The Daily Mail

I had to laugh at this story about a Derby University student who fell off a bed into a clothes horse and had to be rescued by firemen. Ignore the fact that she could have removed the airer herself if she had closed her mouth for a couple of seconds and turned her head 90 degrees, it's funny. Even funnier is the comment at 18:48 that the Daily Mail's student bashers missed.

The old Foreign Object Explanation joke familiar in many variations to anyone who's ever spoken to nurses. That and drunks appears to account for 90% of the workload in Casualty.


Hugh Janus Mungo Midge said...

I am the Hugh Janus who posted the Daily Mail comment. I should explain that it was a very hot day which is why I had taken off my trousers. I was wearing a gasmask for health and safety reasons.

monkey said...

there was a guy in my student house who always had the hover in his room, eventhough his room was a complete tip.

monkey said...

Thanks for the visit.