Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Truth About The UK-US Special Relationship

Are we the Adam Werrity in this mythical menage a deux? The Yanks call our troops "The Borrowers" as a tribute to our world class logistics systems and their senior officers roll their eyes when ours condescendingly attempted to teach them the lessons of Malaya and Northern Ireland in order to lose heroically in Iraq and Afghanistan (the Dunkirk victory effect).  Recent news reports about American Secret Service Agents telling HMS Edinburgh to swing its Sea Dart and 4.5" turrets away from Ma Obama's hotel room in Cape Town have been misinterpreted as the paranoid Yanks throwing their weight around "We instructivate that you relocalise the non-friendly munitions projectoration apparatus away from the hotel e of FLOTUS, bud, huah, yeah, waah." Actually it was an ironic joke by the Yanks to see what was the most unnecessary thing they could get the Limeys to do so they could continue to claim to be Uncle Sam's Bestest Friend (Israel, actually, followed by any country that  helps America's national interest for the present).
Britain should declare 24 August as its Independence Day and stop and think about our national interests next time the POTUS asks for a big jump. We could, with the last ounce of our sovereignty, reply likewise.


Thud said...

Nice to have you back....I think!

Brian said...

Nice to be back.
What America needs is an honest friend who is prepared to say when something is a bit on the brave side of stupid, someone like the slave who would ride in the chariot with Roman Generals accorded a triumph through the City to whisper in their ears that they were still only mortal.
And if the Yanks can celebrate their Declaration of Independence on 4 July and have a national anthem based on their defeat of us at Baltimore then we can have the burning of public buildings in Washington (small government in action!)and we can still be friends across the pond. Oh, a statue of true patriot Benedict Arnold in Grosvenor Square would be a good idea.

Thud said...

I'm all for celebrating burning the Whitehouse. George the German may have surrended to Washington family didn't.