Thursday, 11 August 2011

Reasons For The English Riots

The England riots. Originally the BBC headlined them as UK Riots until complaints from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that they were behaving themselves forced an edit.

I don't intend to analyse the causes of the riots: Theodore Dalrymple in The Australian has nailed them already.

However, perhaps the reason why Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish thugs haven't rioted this past week may have something to do with the evil Barnett Formula which over-allocates public expenditure to those constituent parts of the UK. It costs more to provide services there because population density is lower than in England so they get more money and England gets more cramped. Scotland has consistently received a 15-20% premium per capita over England or over £1,500 per annum despite it being the third richest region of the UK! Or is it something to do with the fact that those countries all have their own self-governments and more MPs per voter in the Westminster UK Parliament?

Now, I'm the first to concede that the rioters aren't the slightest bit bothered about the democratic process- their eleven years of State child-minding (if 1/3 are illiterate and innumerate on leaving formally, and believe me I met some thick thugs at the JobCentre, they haven't had an education), but the extra tax wonga appears to have bought the peace in more fortunate parts of the UK.

Boy Cameron's prescription to cure and mend sick and broken Britain is partially right. However, in addition, the scumocracy needs to take a hard look at itself and stop paying lottery winning salaries to itself for a start. Parliament and local councils must adopt a 180 degree culture change and re-learn that public service is a privilege and that their function is to serve the public and not impose their whims on a citizenry by force of law.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Credit Rating: United States of Americ+

I've always preferred Uncle Remus to Uncle Sam

Credit Rating Agency, Standard & Poor (not the best name for such an agency, IMHO), has downgraded US government credit rating from AAA to AA+ with a downward trend because of fears that the recently agreed deficit reducution measures are insuffient,

I blame Barack Ob+m@.  I'm afraid I won't have any sympathy for the United States until they reach the state they forced Britain into in late 1940, ie bankruptcy, all gold reserves gone and foreign assets sold to American buyers at fire sale prices in order to buy second-rate munitions to keep the war going until America had rearmed itself.