Monday, 18 July 2011

That Anglo-French Entente Cordiale Thingy

Brazil is about to build four conventional submarines and one nuclear hunter-killer in a Brazilian dockyard with French assistance.

That's the French with whom Britain has been getting ever closer defence-wise since the 1990's. The Royal Navy has no aircraft carrier in service at present and will rely on an unreliable French carrier, the  Charles de Gaulle to supplement the four Typhoons at RAF Port Stanley if the Falkland Islands are threatened by Argentina again.

Brazil supports Argentina's claim to the Falklands and won't allow British government ships to dock there.

From this we must conclude:

a)  France puts its interests first however much the gullible idiots who  holiday there pretend otherwise. Remember Concord(e)?;

b)  France will not make the Charles de Gaulle available if needed;

c)  The United States will not assist Britain this time;

d)  The UK cannot afford to run one or two aircraft carriers of its own to ptotect the property rights of 3,000 people who make no contribution to their own defence beyond the Falklands' TA.  Taxpayers' money is there to pay for international aid (the groundnut scheme again and again and again) or the interest on money borrowed to lend to failed eurozone countries not to keep our armed forces permanently equipped at wartime levels.

e)  Foreign policy and defence capability need to be realigned. If we can't afford to do it properly, we shouldn't do it. We have more horses than helicopters in the army and thus are very good at parades.

This is available to buy for about £6 million.


James Higham said...

It's going to come back on us in the not too distant future - France attacks and also man our planes.

Brian said...

And they surrender tout suite. Now les grenouilles say that Ghaddaffi can stay in Libya .... as leader .... so long as French companies get the repair contracts .... send the bills to the perfidios Anglais, naturellement.