Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Taking Stock

So let's tot all this up.

Over half our honourable members and noble lords were fiddling the parliamentary allowances system.

The News of the Screws was involved in stitutional phone hacking of just about everyone and Piss Moron was sacked for publishing fake torture photos. The other papers print press notices and Cheryl Cole.

Global warming means colder winters and higher fuel bills to pay for it.

The Metropolitan Police is having another go at investigating the phone-hacking thingy.  Perhaps they will ask for a Mulligan to go over "Cash for Dishonours" again.

Dave the PM says anyone who disagrees with £12 billion foreign aid is hard-hearted yet contracted pensions and care for the elderly in England can't be afforded out of taxation because we are living longer than is convenient for the Mrs Jellabys who only care about people they met on their gap year hols.

Phillip Hammond Transport Minister gives an order to the Hun thereby losing Derby 1,400 skilled jobs and blames the tender terms on the previous government. Grow a pair! Re-advertise the contract you twerp.

IDS plans to offshore DWP jobs to Bangalore to help indians called Fred practice their Hindglish on jobless British people with high blood pressure.

And I'm still angry about bailing out the bankers, going to war in Iraq on the basis of lies and flogging gold off dirt cheap.

Who the f**k are the grown-ups who left these tossers in charge of us? That's right, it's you and me.

Time for a People's Revolution. I want Peter Finch to say:

Isn't John Frost better than every politician around today?

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Thud said...

I foolishly believed our pols worked for us, when in their careers do they decide that we are just so much background noise?