Friday, 15 July 2011

Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

One moment the press are all pervy about Pippa Middleton allegedly not wearing knickers at her sister's wedding, the next they are hot and bothered about Brazillian knickers being a half-million (so that's how many a brazillian is) success story for M&S. I'm glad I don't buy newspapers anymore. Is the concentration on gossipy nonsense an indication of more women in editorial positions in the media or an assumption that their lip-moving "readers" are only interested in pap as the real news would scare them, make them take to the streets and .... stop buying!!!!! Aaaargh, turn the container ships around , religion, consumerism and greenism have failed, the drones are finally thinking for themselves. They will realise that those in charge are no better than them and, in many cases, much worse. Democracy rooted in debt and state violence is as tyrannical as the alternatives that have been invesnted to subjugate the majority to the will of the elites. Only when ordinary voters directly decide to, for example, borrow  more money to give to the IMF to lend out to other voters thereby making the money creating elites richer,will they be free and democratic.

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