Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Moustrap Update

Deepest Joy! It works!

The humane mousetrap that I wrote off as a mouse feeder or box for keeping real mousetraps in, worked last night .  On checking  it first thing this morning, I saw a little pinky-brown tail sticking out from under the left hand flap entrance.

He or she was bright-eyed and well fed and leapt out of the box to scurry into the long grass as soon as I opened it in the far Wildwood corner of our garden.

The capture is proof that woodmice read this blog as the conventional snaptraps I left out had not been even nibbled for nearly a week now.

Having rinsed out the trap in dilute Jeyes Fluid disinfectant, when dry and aired, I shall reset it with all the cunning of a carp angler (almost a much cunning as a carp) and hope to repeat the translocation success tomorrow.

Update: Another fieldmouse indeed took advantage of the free meal and subsequent awayday.

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