Friday, 15 July 2011

Fox Terrier?

TERRIER® wordmark is a registered trademark of the Secretary of State for Defence. So, if you capitalise a seven letter word for a type of working dog, you know who's Army will come around for the copyright fee for its tracked armoured combat engineer vehicle costing £300 million for sixty vehicles. In-service date is now 2013.

Why does a word need to be trademarked? Did Messerschmidt build a Me Spitfire? I reckon the MoD Procurement are worried that Farrow & Ball market a paint called Terrier and instead of sending something to dig gun pits in a faraway country, 20,000 litres of emulsion will be air-dropped from a C-17. Not a terribly good idea, unless Terrier paint is blood red. That would scare the bejabers out of the natives on the ground if the lids popped off.

BAE's Director of Corporate Responsibility said in 2006 "We all have a duty of care to ensure that from cradle to grave products are being used appropriately and do not do lasting harm." When a company that makes things designed to kill people better than its competitors says that with a straight face, I give in.

F***WIT® wordmark is offered gratis to the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox.

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