Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Royal Marines On Standby To Evacuate Stranded British Civilians From Yemen

Like it says on the tin, Per Mare, Per Terram.

Well, there's another Arab "country" gone down the pan because there is no such thing as a gold watch and retirement pension for Muslim leaders. They're either killed, exiled, jailed or, if they're really lucky, they die in office.

But what are British citizens still doing in that dreadful place after all the warnings? The UK did the best thing in 1967 by leaving the glorified coal bunker to its own tribal rivalries after avenging the murders by rogue South Arabian Army and local police of British soldiers on 20 June. Rogue local police, eh? Do our leaders ever learn?

Why don't we implement a new policy whereby we accept that British residents of the next Aidistan or Iedistan or wherever went there of their own free will and instead of sending in the Royal Marines or Royal Air Force to get them back to Tory-run Britain, the Department for International Development takes the lead in extracting the aid-workers, oil-drillers and daft wives of waiters. Sir John Major thinks international aid spending should make us proud so let's see how the offer of a women's chicken marketing cooperative fare againt qat crazed loons with AKMs and RPGs.

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Thud said...

I should imagine many of the errant Brits are of the 'new' British variety.